About Coach Ki

Kianna Vestuto is a Los Angeles based personal trainer with over 9 years of coaching and training experience.

A big part of Kianna’s personal journey and desire for fitness is stemmed from her own trials and tribulations of many kinds. From acquiring numerous injuries, to battling an eating disorder, to overcoming depression and anxiety-- one thing she is sure of, is the positive impact fitness has had on her life since first stepping into a gym at the age of 13. Kianna believes that true health begins from the inside-out, and that it’s not just about the way we look—but the way we feel. 

Kianna graduated from UNLV with a Bachelors in Journalism/Integrated Marketing Communications. She's also competed in multiple bodybuilding competitions where she's won the titles of First Place in her class, Bikini Overall Champion and achieved 4th place at USA Nationals. Kianna is also a former University of Oregon Acrobatics & Tumbling student-athlete.

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Tier 2 Trainer at Equinox West Hollywood, a journalist for Bodybuilding.com, and a global online fitness coach, Kianna is passionate about helping people just like YOU (yeah, you!) feel confident and sexy!